AMEC Camino-108 Class B

Suppiler: AMEC
Key Features
  • Next generation high performance AIS
  • Class B transponder NMEA2000, NMEA0183, and USB connectivity
  • Optional Wi-Fi connectivity (CAMINO-108W)
  • Support SD data logger card slot
  • Built in high-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Optional silent mode (Tx o­) operation
  • Compact and stylish housing design
  • Low power consumption, 12 / 24V DC input Supplied with AIS Viewer and Con‑guration software for PC


New Amec Camino-108 Class B AIS with SD card data logging

Camino-108 is Amec’s next generation class B AIS transponder that enables you to broadcast your data to other AIS equipped vessels, and receive their data. View all AIS targets on a dedicated chartplotter or PC by using the NMEA or via a USB port.

The Camino-108 also features a built-in SD card slot which makes data logging of AIS data even easier.

Camino-108Pk Class B transceiver includes remote “Silent Mode” switch with 1.5m cable, GPS antenna with 10m cable. Silent Mode enables the vessel to stop transmitting its position but still receive or send safety related AIS messages.

The CAMINO-108 is designed to deliver high performance AIS transponder solution. The optimized receive and transmit capability is now brought into a compact and robust housing which is less than half the size of its previous generation. The dual-channel receivers enable AIS vessel monitoring of all AIS signals including class A, class B, AtoN, SART. Its NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and waterproof USB port ensure simple integration with chart plotters and PCs. Built-in SD card slot makes data logging of AIS data easier than ever. P