Suppiler: TMQ
Key Features
  • Operates without a rudder feedback unit, and no need for a junction box
  • Reliable operation and performance
  • Designed to 110mm casing as per industry standard
  • Use as a stand alone system or integrate with other equipment
  • Waypoint steering when connected to a GPS plotting system.
  • Large, easy to read backlit display.
  • Simple operation with push button controls.
  • Splash proof display.
  • Attractive styling compliments existing vessel layout.
  • Off course alarm.


Manual Mode:
The autopilot display unit shows the current magnetic heading.The vessel is under manual steering control and does not apply automatic steering control.

Auto Mode:
The autopilot will maintain your vessel on any desired magnetic course. This course can be set from the display unit.

GPS Mode:
When receiving information from a GPS the autopilot can steer a vessel to a precise latitude and longitude, through any number of desired course changes.


  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Current: Average – 0.5 amps
  • Controls: 4 push button
  • Display: Transflective LCD
  • Course Detection: Better than 1 degree
  • Sensitivity: 0 to 10 degrees
  • Rudder Ratio: 0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0-
  • Rudder Limits: Adjustable
  • Off Course Alarm: 45 degrees