Suppiler: Notus
Key Features
  • A 175 kHz down sounder provides excellent detection and resolution
  • With an update rate of 1 second, it permits real time monitoring, boasting the fastest update rate on the market
  • Due to proximity to fish, this sensor detects targets not seen on shipboard echosounders
  • An EXTERNAL, removable battery ensures the user always has a full charge by keeping a spare battery on charge all the time
  • The user can change the battery while the sensor is still on the trawl
  • Adjust gain during active trawling
  • Adjust db level in real time
  • Select dynamic TVGs of 5, 10, 20 log
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Mantis for Target Detection

The Notus Mantis is a wireless net sounder system for target detection. Its design is based on more than 25 years of experience in working with Commercial Fishermen and in responding to their needs.

Notus has worked closely with its customers to offer solutions that provide reliable, real-time data and convenience of use. The Notus Mantis is the most advanced net sounder on the market. It gives unprecedented target detection, ease of use and real time gain control.

The Notus Mantis provides optimal performance, for superior results.