Sea Tel ST24

Suppiler: Sea Tel
Key Features
  • Touch screen Graphical Antenna Control Panel for one touch operation.
  • Install system with off-the-shelf cables.
  • Built-in-test for trouble free operation and smarter fault detection.
  • Stronger signal reception and expanded foot print than the competition.
  • High performance stabilization and satellite tracking even in inclement weather.
  • Tuna Tower Ready – No expensive upgrades needed.
  • Auto skew option available for maximum signal strength.
  • Fast satellite acquisition using built-In GPS antenna and proprietary algorithms.
  • Act as a backup GPS system with full access to navigational data.
  • Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software.
  • Global Programming and digital music channels.
  • HD Ready (Ku-Band satellites).


The ST24 is in the long line of how-didwe-ever-live-without-it TV-at-Sea marine stabilized antennas from Sea Tel.® It features a greater elevation range than most standard antennas with 2 axes of stabilization and 1 axis of polarization. The high elevation range enables viewing TV at higher latitudes. The ST24 is available with automatic or manual skew control. Automatic skew control allows antenna to operate at optimal skew angle to receive satellite signal at maximum strength. Sea Tel’s ST24 features high performance stabilization and satellite tracking. The Product Features & Benefits ST24 eliminates the need of expensive upgrades when mounted on a tuna tower; a significant cost savings over competitive products.

The ST24 also features a state-of-the-art 4.3 inch touch screen Graphic Antenna Control Panel (GACP) as standard equipment. Compact size, large viewing area and easily recognizable icons makes operating the GACP fun. The GACP is sleek and simple to operate with many new innovative features. Some of these features include interactive and intuitive graphics user interface, satellite selection capability, extended list of presets, built-in in service and out of service test, backup GPS information and manual control for AZ, EL and pol.